Is it Healthy for your friends to own more of your beads than you do??

Kathe Cunningham is a master of MANY things.  Not only can she create beautiful pieces with my beads…but she made my first “NANA Quilt” when our first grand baby was born.  She is also a fabulous master pianist and ringer of the bells!!!  She continues to amaze me with her talent!  (Kathe is on the right…this was a picture from her new cd with her piano accompaniment Hyoun Joo Song)

If you are interested in purchasing jewelry from Kathe you can contact her at She Rocks Jewelry Designs on Facebook:


I was totally blown away though with the collection of my beads that she has accumulated over the years!  She loving calls my studio the C.H.O.B ( Crack House of Beads)…so when you see that on my Facebook page…it’s her fault!!!  I can’t say much though…because she does use them…so I will just keep supporting her habit!!

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This was a collaborative combination of both Nikki Thornburgs beads and mine!1458492_659382484180765_8790626232575595675_n

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