Kimberlys-Corner is enjoying NEW creativity at the Braselton Gallery!

It is rare that I have time to do anything other than make beads.  I’ve decided to challenge my creativity  and sell some of my completed jewelry!  The Braselton Gallery is an adorable shop that specializes in local art.  Downtown Braselton has so much character and I’ve really enjoyed learning more  about the shops and history every time I visit!


For more information about the Braselton Gallery and upcoming events  please visit the website at:

These are some photos of a few items that I dropped off this week!  There are  several boxed pendant sets that would make excellent Mothers Day gifts.

I need to give a shout out to Joan Miller who makes the most beautiful hand crafted porcelain beads that I’ve ever seen.  This is a beautiful combination of both of our beads and I have several pieces that are along this color scheme. Her unique beads blend beautifully with my glass!

If you would like to see more of her beautifully creative work you can visit her at

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DSCN9815 - Copy (2)Braselton Gallery3Braselton Gallery2Braselton Gallery1

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